16a Newmarket Street, Cape Town

About us

Atfin Consulting was established in 1997 and proud ourselves in providing up to date advice to individuals and companies.

We opperate independently from any of the Insurers, Medical Schemes, Administrators or Underwriters, ensuring that every client benefits from its objectivity and impartiality.

We offer a wide product range on medical aid, gap cover, short term insurance, investments, retirement, pension & provident funds as well as life cover etc.

We are even able to assist you to market YOUR insurance product!

Our in and outbound call centre with the dedicated teams are able to focus on specific product marketing. We have been succesfully running this call centre for 11 years, growing continually.

Why choose us?
We are leaders specialising in the insurance industry
We have a proven track record
Our staff is intensively trained and is service-orientated
We fully understand the industry and make endeavor to keep abreast with new legislation
We have a national infrastructure, giving you access to personal interaction no matter where you are
We have teams operating the call-centre marketing various insurance products on a daily basis

An Authorised Financial Services Provider | Reg no. 2004/021120/07